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It’s an election year and Social Media Club of Madison wants to get in the game!  We are applying to be a full chapter of Social Media Club. That means we have raised the necessary $1000 in funds and in professional membership fees to do so.

As part of the suggested Bylaws offered by the National Social Media Club, Social Media Club of Madison (MadisonSMC)  must hold an election for a 2012 Board. In order to do so, we must have a call for nominations for the positions open. And this is it!  Our official chapter application is now in the mail to the national Social Media Club leader Kristie Wells.

Let’s nominate

Personal Branding Panel at May MadisonSMC event

Personal Branding Panel at May MadisonSMC event (Photo credit: wendysoucie)

All positions are up for grabs with a few incumbents on the list.

  • President/Chair
  • Vice-President (President-Elect)
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Membership Chair
  • Sponsorship/Partner Chair
  • Program Chair

Nominee info required

Nominations can be submitted by email to Please include the nominee’s

  • Name
  • Title, Company
  • Phone
  • Twitter Handle
  • LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Blog Address (if applicable)
  • Other pertinent social presence links
  • Brief 150 work max statement on why you wish to be involved with MadisonSMC
  • Short business bio (160 characters)
  • Include a picture attachment

Here is an example for me, Wendy Soucie

I will spare you the bio and statement for now. It is the intention of the Executive Committee to hold nominations until March 29, 2012 at which time MadisonSMC will have a #Meet&Greet of all the nominated persons. The election will follow the week of April 2, 2012.

Who is a member?

Jeffrey Powers and Marivic Valencia Ham it up

image via Wendy Soucie

The current members of Social Media Club of Madison shall have the right to elect Officers of the Chapter at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter. The Annual Meeting and other meetings of Chapter Members shall be held at a time and place each year determined by the Executive Committee.  The executive committee consists of past officers including: Wendy Soucie, Marivic Valencia, Ellie Humphrey, Melissa Anderson, Marlena Deutsch, Jeffrey Powers, Kelly Cuene, and Liesel Olson.

You are considered a member if you are on our email list.  It currently consist of all past attendees of MadisonSMC events, individuals who submitted their email and specifically asked to be on the membership list.  We send one email out to that list for updating (opt-in or opt out) and will  accept additions to the list until April 2, 2012.

We have added a email signup on our  website:,  Facebook page: MadisonSMC

Annual meeting

Jane, Anne and Kelly of SMC Madison

image via Wendy Souci

Notice of the Annual Meeting and other meetings of the Members shall be delivered via email to all Members at least three (3) days in advance of such meeting. As part of the notice for the Annual Meeting, the Clerk shall include the slate of nominees selected by the  Executive Committee (aka Nominating Committee)  to serve as Officers of the Chapter.

We are looking forward to exciting happenings in Madison with Social Media Club. We will focus on afternoon and evening events at various locations around Madison! Come join us.

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