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If people ask you what kind of Social Media you are actively using, your answer may probably be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But those are only part of my answers. Four years ago, I came to the U.S. for my college degree and that was when I started to know more about the most popular social media in the U.S. or probably around the world.

Facebook has more than 845 million active users around the world as of February 2012, while Twitter has 140 million and LinkedIn has 150 million.

Social Media in China

In August 2009, a social media website called Weibo was launched in China under SINA Corporation. Weibo has the similar concepts as Twitter, but allows users to directly view the pictures and video uploaded instead of an attached link.

I became a user of Weibo in 2010 and I love the way that I can follow the people and organizations that I want to keep myself updated on. I seldom go on news websites nowadays because I can get all the news from Weibo. Weibo has more than 300 million active users as of February 2012.

Weibo Screenshot


Another social media website that I have been using for more than 6 years is called Renren. It was started by 4 Chinese college graduates in late 2005. And in April 2011, Renren’s stock started to trade publicly in the New York Stock Exchange. Renren has a total of more than 160 million active users as of February 2011.

RenRen Screenshot

I have always been interested in the different kinds of social media websites around the world. Although they may seem very different, they are basically built on the same principle that is to enable the constant exchange of information among users. Thanks to all the social media website, we can get information without the barriers of time and distance.

XiZhangThis is a guest post from Xi Zhang – but you can call her “C”. A senior at UW-Madison, she has a double major in Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship. She works as a Student Supervisor at the University Dining and Culinary Services for almost four years. After she graduates, she will be working with Unilever as an Assistant Brand Manager. She likes music (singing) and sports (Volleyball and Taekwondo). The best ways to connect with her are through Facebook and Linkedin. And of course, Weibo and RenRen.

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