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UW Social via Colleen Reddy

image via Colleen Reddy

President’s Note: Madison SMC has the help of 5 college students for the next 6 -8 weeks to help with a number of chores. They are working with us to set up our election, organize the events to celebrate and perhaps learn something about how a small group of people can get something (or nothing) done.

To get them started, we sent them to the Social Media Breakfast Madison event which took place on March 21, 2012. I guess we figured that since it was on campus, they could get up early and then not miss any of their morning classes. All while learning about social media, what the University of Wisconsin is doing, and perhaps meeting some folks with day jobs that might need to hire them. Here is their account of the SMB Madison event:
By Colleen Reddy
Colleen Reddy

image via Colleen Reddy

Waking up early is not easy for us college kids.  Our clocks are biologically altered to second shift. But I must say, I am glad I rolled out of bed last week for SMB Madison. The coffee was hot (and unfortunately the room was too) but the people were energetic and inviting.  The lead speaker was John Lucas from the Office of Communications and Marketing on campus  to tell us how they have connected to an estimated 1,000,000 people in total fans, followers, and friends.

#UWSocial has been able to leverage the awesome campus community to engage a network much broader than their current students by meaningfully engaging followers in what they call “inspired goofiness”.  They love to tell stories about the amazing people and events at UW and they do so in a fun and exciting tone.  I think that the key to their success is really the so-called “echo chamber”.  It requires collaboration and the sharing of stories that users want to hear so they retweet or repost to show support and affiliation.

Those of you reading this were probably in attendance, so I won’t bore you with repetition, but from a first-time attendees point of view, SMB is pretty awesome. It’s an informal way of connecting, networking, and learning.  They meet every 3rd Wednesday of each month, but you know they’ll be tweeting if something changes!  Thanks to the presenters and #SMBMad.


Madison SMC UW Intern Team sans KevinI know its been a little quiet on the #MadisonSMC front as we started the year.  But there are lots going on behind the curtains. In 2012, we are on the way to being full chapter of In addition, I applied for and won some UW Students looking for a project. Professor Rick Marolt is the UW Instructor for MHR 401: The Management of Teams.  He reached out looking for organizations who could help give these students valuable real world experience. All I can say is that I am glad they chose SMC Madison! In fact, four of them drove all the way to Lodi to meet with me to get this all started. Now that is real dedication. Read the rest of this entry »

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